Eltham House Concert: Evan & Mischa | Big Fiddle Little Fiddle

Eltham, Address provided upon booking

Enjoy an afternoon of music in Eltham as Big Fiddle Little Fiddle (Jess Foot & Louise Godwin) launch their debut album 'The Kitchen Project' with a set of music from Evan & Mischa. Bring along a small plate to share and a mug for tea and coffee. Victoria currently has no cases of COVID community transmission. If restrictions change, we will refund all tickets. Founded in 2015, Big Fiddle Little Fiddle explore Celtic, Scandinavian, Quebecois, Old-time and Middle Eastern modal folk styles. Evan & Mischa, play music in the Celtic and associated traditional music styles, as well as their own compositions on Flute, Accordion, Banjo, Whistles & Guitar. www.bigfiddlelittlefiddle.com www.evanandmischa.com

Adults $25, kids under 16 free