Evan Davies and Mischa Herman, both talented multi-instrumentalists, have come together to explore traditional Celtic and associated music styles combining flute, accordion, guitar, whistles and banjo in unexpected and striking combinations.  Their intricate arrangements of traditional tunes are complemented by a suite of their own original compositions.  The resulting sound is unique and diverse  – born of a respect for tradition and a drive to forge new sounds.
Returning after a 7-year hiatus, the boys are brimming with new ideas and excited to get to work on a new album.  Expect to see them around the festival circuit soon.


I thought I had these guys figured out after reading their liner notes – a mixture of flute, guitar, banjo, whistle, accordian and percussion means it’s safe to assume this is going to be a straight forward trad record – and as a result I was blindsided at every turn.”

— Timber and Steel



Not often do I come across musicianship on traditional instruments at this level. Florid runs amidst gorgeous tones and pulsing rhythms, this music is sure to lift the soul.”

— Anthony Norris